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Outstanding garment choice for children!

Keeping children dry and clean in a daycare environment is a huge challenge, and Top Dog’s arts and crafts smock offers the child-care industry a product that gives children the protection they need to keep clean and dry.

Top Dogs arts and crafts smocks are made from a very unique material called polyurethane film that has been the quality standard for reusable protective garments in the food processing industry for years.

Virtually nothing will stain this garment so "bring on the paints, ketchup, and chili!". A life-time guarantee, unless mechanically damaged, creates huge savings to the bottom line.

You can rely on the following product features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • No drying required
  • Nothing sticks to the smock
  • Bacteria and mould proof
  • Easy pull-over style
  • Arm and body protection

If your protective garments are not made from pure polyether polyurethane or contain plasticizers to soften garment material, you can expect premature failure.

A sample of what we have to offer: