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Not all polyurethanes are the same

Different polyurethanes will often look the same and feel the same. But, there are key differences that users NEED to know.

View the comparison chart and see for yourself!

TOP DOG Ether-based polyurethane
  1. Always soft at any temperature.
  2. Perfectly ok at any humidity level.
  3. Excellent performance against fungus.
  4. UV Stabilized.
  5. Will never crack with normal wear.
  6. Will always return to original shape when stretched.
Competition Ester-based Polyurethane
  1. Stiffens as temperature drops.
  2. Not recommended in high humidity levels.
  3. More easily attacked by fungus.
  4. Not UV Stabilized.
  5. Will not be resistant to cracking.
  6. Will not return to original shape after stretching.

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