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It has been our customers’ experience that our products, while significantly more expensive than our competitors and look’a’likes, will pay back in spades. One recent example I will share with you is the product trial that we completed at one of North America’s largest fish processing companies. As part of the collective agreement, they were giving to their employees, free of charge, three competitive aprons every 100 days.

The trial period lasted 120 days, and our TOP DOG Aprons were still in service and not yet in need of immediate replacement. The plant manager now tells us that "the math is real easy", and his monthly cost per person has been cut by as much as 50%. This same math can be applied to any of our products, regardless of industry. Well-informed buyers will be certain to "Save Big with Durability" when using TOP DOG products after they get beyond the initial acquisition cost.

- Jennifer Hambly, General Manager, TOP DOG Manufacturing

A sample of what we have to offer: