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Why settle for standard stuff?

Our general manager, Jennifer Hambly, does not know the word “no” when it comes to trying to customize a product. His philosophy to overcoming a customization challenge is: It may just take a few days longer!

Our competitors typically cannot, or will not, entertain customization requests unless you favour them with a minimum order size. At Top Dog, we have no minimums for customized product, other than a one-case quantity (36 aprons, for example). We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our customers.

Utilizing die-cutting, radio frequency (RF), and thermal sealing technologies, we are able to customize products to meet customer requirements. Examples might include:

  • Wider aprons
  • Longer aprons
  • Longer ties
  • Knee patches on pants and overalls
  • Larger head openings (aprons and gowns)
  • Drum covers
  • Industrial-sized curtains
  • Motor caps
  • Pallet covers to protect equipment on pallets
  • Reinforced sections

Our methodology is to make and send prototypes for your approval. If we get your approval on our design, then we will provide a quote; and you decide if it is good for you and your client.
We may not succeed in all cases, but our product development team will work hard to meet your specifications.
For your convenience, just fill out the form below to contact us to fulfill all of your customization needs for protective garments using our typical materials and polyurethane (PU) films.