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Where We Are Located

Located on the east coast of Canada in the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island, Top Dog is within a 4-hour drive to the international container shipping port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are also within a 10-hour drive of Boston, USA.

What We Manufacture
High-quality protective clothingfor a wide range of industries and applications using spectacular materials such as:
  • Pure polyether polyurethane film, commonly referred to as PU
  • PU-coated nylons and polyesters
  • PVC embedded with polyester knits
Superior industrial-quality shower curtainsfor the hospitality industry, hospitals, and care facilities using:
  • Polyester knit textile bonded to a supple polymer coating embedded with anti-microbial additives.
Our Value Proposition
We use only those materials that will produce long-lasting, durable, and re-usable protective clothing that will outperform and outlast the competition. When it comes to our products, we deliberately use fabrics that are head-and-shoulders above other competitive products. If we wished to match these competitive products, we could use a thinner material, add plasticizers and fillers, or use a similar knock-off import material. But we refuse to water down our product because of our relentless pursuit of high quality. Our end-users deserve and demand a durable and reusable product that will be certain to reduce their operating costs. We make our premium lines using pure polyether polyurethane because it is a spectacular material, in a league all to its own, which will seriously outperform competitors’ protective clothing, which is typically made from vinyl, PVC, and polyolefin.

A sample of what we have to offer: