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Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License #11721


Open-back Medical Gown-OBM
(tested to AAMI PB70 standard)


  • Disposable or textile garments are not always appropriate, or not enough, in healthcare and medical workplaces.
  • Reusable garments are the alternate solutions (to disposables or textiles) for creating a safe work environment in healthcare and medical workplaces.

Our premiere line of reusable HEALTH-SAFE products has specifically been designed for the healthcare and medical sectors. We use only pure polyurethane (PU) film to make our HEALTH-SAFE garments because it is naturally very resistant to the hosting of, and the growth, of microorganisms. Additionally, our PU film is 100% unaffected by disinfectants, alcohol-based products, soaps, detergents and water. It is highly resistant to a wide range of cleaning chemicals and acids.

  • Anti-microbial: naturally highly resistant to hosting and the growth of microorganisms.
  • Soft and supple for comfort.
  • An excellent barrier to bacteria and viruses, blood, feces, and a wide range of fluids. Will not absorb fluids.
  • Will not stiffen, crack or fall apart.
  • Not affected by continuous exposure to cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, alcohols and alcohol-based cleaners, soaps and detergents and continuous exposure to water.
  • Laundry-safe and easily launderable: machine washable and dryer safe to 82oC/180oF.
  • Nine different colours available when separation by colour is mandatory or preferred. Dark blue, navy blue, royal blue, yellow, red, white, orange, green, brown. Inquire about “stocking colours”.

If your polymer-based protective garments are not made from pure polyether polyurethane, or contain plasticizers to soften garment material, you can expect premature failure.

Health Safe/Medical Safe

Health Safe/Medical Safe

Health Safe/Medical Safe

Health Safe/Medical Safe

Health Safe/Medical Safe

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