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Stephen Hurst - Co-owner & President

Stephen steers the money and marketing sides of the ship at Top Dog, drawing on 20 years of experience from other businesses he owns and operates as well as adding his entrepreneurial spirit. Stephen specifically oversees all matters of marketing, business development, and client and supplier relations.

Wayne Linkletter - Co-owner & Operations Manager

Wayne steers the people and production sides of the ship at Top Dog, drawing on 25-years experience owning a large metal fabrication and trailer manufacturing business. Wayne has a good eye for people and thoroughly understands and practices lean manufacturing.

Jennifer Hambly – Production Supervisor

Jennifer oversees all matters of production from daily manufacturing of our quality garments to designing and making customized products for our clients. Jennifer loves helping customers meet their needs and really enjoys working with her staff to flex their creative muscles and to design and make customized products for our customers.

Mona Arsenault - Shop Forewoman

Mona brings to the table a decade of experience making and designing all of our garments. She draws from this deep knowledge and very effectively leads the production team every day to meet a demanding on-time delivery target. Mona provides a very steady and positive influence on the production floor, all the while watching, like a hawk, the quality control protocols.

A sample of what we have to offer: